Communication Guarantee

schedule premarin cream cost walmart I am available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Always beside you, just one click away. One hundred percent commitment to my client is the core value of my business philosophy. Usually, I respond right away. However, if I don’t return your message or call within 4 hours, You’ll receive $20 gift card of your choice.

Happy Buyer & Seller Guarantee

hydrochloric acid price in india I won’t hold you hostage to a piece of paper. If there’s ever a problem while you’re working with me, I’ll do everything I can to fix it. If I can’t, then I’ll release you from your contract. I don’t think you should be contractually bound to work with someone if you feel they’ve broken their promises. construct exelon stock price today If you aren’t happy, then neither am I. It’s that simple.

The “You Deserve More” Guarantee I will be honest and truthful even if it may jeopardize our business relationship. I take value of information very seriously and believe that only honest and professional advice can lead to proper decision making in real estate.

I promise to keep you updated. systematize There’s nothing worse than not knowing what’s happening. When you’re selling your home with me, I’m committed to providing a weekly huddle call or meeting, and a formal update on showings, including feedback regarding  marketing stragety and competition in the market. If this is not conveyed, I’ll deduct $500 from your commission.

Proper Marketing Forget personal address websites for tiny condos, or open houses for knockdown properties. I will never waste both your and my time by offering a standard pack of marketing know-hows. Only custom tailored marketing for each and every property will be my commitment to you.

Professional Services Only

purchase proscar Photography, videography, staging, minor renovations and improvements must be done only by highly experienced pro’s, not real estate brokers. I invest in every listing prior to taking it on the market by partnering up with industry leaders in order to enhance its beauty.

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